January ConCom Meeting

It’s HERE! The last ConCom meeting for ConFusion 2016. January 10th at the Sheraton, starting at 12pm. This is an all hands meeting and is open to anyone to attend.  

December ConCom Meeting

The December ConCom Meeting will be held at the Sheraton on December 12th, 2015 starting at 12pm. This is an all hands meeting and anyone is welcome to attend.

November ConCom Meeting

The November ConCom Meeting will be held at the Hotel on Saturday November 14th. All are welcome to attend.

September ConCom Meeting

The September ConCom Meeting was held at the Head of Programming, Dave Klecha’s Home, on September 26th.

July ConCom Meeting

The July ConCom meeting was held on July 11th at the Annual AASFA Board Picnic.  

June ConCom Meeting

June ConCom meeting was held at ConChair Anna Carey’s home on June 27th.

May ConCom Meeting

The con com met at the new hotel and got to scope our new space.  Stay tuned to the website for updates.

Life, the Universe, and ConFusion!

Welcome to the website for “Life, the Universe, and ConFusion,” the 42nd ConFusion, a celebration of science fiction, fantasy, fandom, and all that good stuff! This year, the Novi Sheraton will be hosting us, January 21-24, 2016.  Check back here for reservation information! We’re pleased to once again bring a …

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