ConFusion offers multiple levels of vending options to fit in with the changing way people hawk, browse, create, buy, and share. Here are some explanations of what each of these options are.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor please read about our Dealers Room, Artist Alley, and Fan Tables and fill out the appropriate application.

Dealers Room 

The Dealers Room is a the place for vendors who have large inventories that have complex or time consuming set up. It is for Vendors who will need multiple tables (or a large space). Being a part of the Dealers Room provides a secured space during closed hours. Dealers in this room are expected to be in opporation during OPEN hours.

Dealer Room Hours:

  • Friday 4pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday 11am to 3pm

Costs and Provisions:

  • The Dealer Room is juried (not all applicants will be granted space).
  • Table prices are $85 for the first table (this includes one badge).
  • Additional tables are $60. Limit of 4 tables.
  • No refunds/transfers or exchanges after acceptance and purchase.
  • Only 1 badge is included in the purchase of the first table.
  • Additional badges will be available to selected dealers through pre-registration for $35 (1 Per Table).
  • Additional badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to
    at-the door prices.
  • Applications are due by September 1, 2015.

DEALERS ROOM VENDORS: (subject to change)

Name of Company: Description of Items for Sale: Webpage:
The Amber Fox Amber, silver and semiprecious gemstone jewelry, gemstone carvings and other unique items. N/A
Black Ace Productions Offering unique handmade leather accessories, pieces for Cosplay, Renfaire, Steampunk, Etc. All designs are carefully and precisely crafted to be one of a kind with lifetime warranties on most leather products. Wares include Flow toys, Bracers, wristbands, cuffs, collars, belts, keychains, earrings, necklaces, armor, leather books and just general geekery among all fandoms!
Tri Tac Games Scence Fiction Games, Jewelry Miniatures and a lot more
Mystik Waboose Licensed T-Shirts – Attack on Titan, Big Bang Theory Dr Who, Firefly, Windwolf Creations, etc
T-Shirts – We carry T-shirts from 19 different manufacturers. The topics of the shirts are Media Fan Shirts, Gaming, Religious, Science, Mad Science, Literary, Steam Punk, etc.
Related Apparel – Mad Scientist Lab Coats, Aperture Lab Coats, Cthulu Ski Masks,Soft Kitty Hats, Soft Kitty Socks, Bazinga Socks, Bazinga Beanies
Contemporary, Fun and Geeky Buttons
Real Fur Ears and Tails Made by Beckalyn’s Masquerade – High quality items made from recycled fur
Fine Casual Women’s Clothing featuring clothes for voluptuous women.
War Pony Candy Forge Handcrafted chocolates, hard candy and caramel.
Watson’s Emporium of the Arcane goggles, lenses, steampunk jewelery, masks, and leather goods. http//
Tourmaline’s Addiction ==and== Elemental Jewels natural stone jewellery, polymer clay figurines N/A
Sabins Gadgeteering Lab, LLC Light-up jewelry, small props and accessories, some LARP dart blasters. Most products are of a steampunk design but some branch out into other genres. All work is done by hand.
Larry Smith Books new books; multiple publishers; large and small presses SF, fantasy and
some mystery titles; some art books and graphic novels.
Poison ivy Designs Working with solid sterling silver wire and both precious and semi precious stones and crystals I wrap one of a kind wearable pieces of art for both men and women. I also foray into steampunk and collage style jewelry as well.
Thunderhead Gaming We will sell a variety of tabletop games with special emphasis on our own rpg.;
Dodeka Records, Ltd. Filk CDs and books. N/A
Ties that Bynde Designs I will be bringing a whole variety of hand made corsets. I specialize in a fusion of classic historical lines adapted for the modern figure. My corsets range from a 20″-38″ corseted waist, meaning I can fit from a size 2-24 easily off the rack. All my designs have been drafted and assembled by me personally. But wait, corsets are not just for women! I will have a variety of men’s corsets too! I will also have a variety of other costume elements to go with your order such as skirts, bustles, bloomers and bustle coats
World Weaver Press World Weaver Press is a Michigan-based small press, publishing fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction. Our editors and writers include graduates of the Odyssey and Clarion workshops, as well SFF award winners. Items for sale will include original trade paperback novels, novellas, multi-author anthologies, and nonfiction, ranging from space-based adventure to paranormal noir mystery to fairy tale retellings to essays on fandom(s); in total, 30+ titles edited and published by World Weaver Press and our imprint Red Moon Romance.
Hell on Wheels Travelling Hobby Shop We sell vintage and media jewelry, mechanical and battery pocket watches, dice, non-collectable card games, chopsticks, fans, pocky, and other oriental goodies, cosplay items and more. N/A
Centigrade 233 Used Books, many of which are signed. A substantial percentage are small press books: Arkham House, Subterranean, Golden Gryphon, etc , Most will be related to science fiction, fantasy or horror, but I also plan to bring a few books related to history or science. N/A
Guild House Classic Board Games, Card Games, Role-playing Games, Japanese anime, keychains, plushies, dice, and related tie-in products like miniatures and glue and bookmarks.
White Beard Books Rare Science Fiction books; Rare Mystery books; SF related toys; old comic books; computer books; books on space program N/A
Geeks With Scissors Handmade wallets, skirts, and tribbles.


Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is for creators who are showcasing their own work. It is located in one of the main hallways in route to the Dealers Room.  It is ideal for artists or authors who wish to peddle their personal creations.  Artist Alley is not secured and each vendor is responsible for their own inventory. Each Vendor is limited to one table. Vendors in Artist Alley are in charge of their own hours also, which make participating in programming easy. You can even do Iron Artist right at the table!

Costs and Provisions:

  • Artist Alley is juried (not all applicants will be granted space).
  • Table prices are $35. Limit 1 table (6 ft).
  • No refunds/transfers or exchanges after acceptance and purchase.
  • Each participant must have a badge to operate in Artist Alley.
  • Pre-Registered Badges are $42. You can also earn your badge through panel participation.
  • Badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to
    at-the door prices.
  • Applications are due by September 1, 2015.

ARTIST ALLEY VENDORS: (subject to change)

Company/Artist: Description of Items for Sale: Webpage:
Sweet Serendipity At sweet serendipity, we sell a wide variety of fan art, original art, and mini comics all in a fun, cartoony style. We offer postcard, 8.5×11 and 11×17 prints, buttons, stickers, and infamous on the spot commissions that can be done within 15 minutes!
Zyphlat’s Creations Crocheted plushies, buttons, and wooden d-20 piggy banks.
Kimchi Zerbe Kimchi Zerbe is your one-stop shop for homemade art with a side of sass. Specializing in artisan creations of whimsy and kitsch, I make playful art inspired by all things nerdy such as science fiction, fantasy, video games, anime, comics and of course, the internet. My works are as varied as the culture that inspires them, and include high quality prints, handmade jewelry, housewares, decor, and original, one of a kind 2D & 3D works.
Crystal Mielcarek Illustration original paintings, prints, custom toys, keychains, charms and mini comics
Michael Kucharski Posters, giclees, prints, reproduction and original drawings by Michael Kucharski
Not Available Comics Hand-made minicomics, self-published books and DVDs, t-shirts featuring my own artwork, sketches, prints, and original art.
Binary Stars Comic titles including the following:
Kilt & Cat (issues 1-2 of 4)
Underneath (1 of 1)
Riptide (1 of 1)
Novel titles including the following:
The Sun Never Sets (co-authored with Cate Caldwell)
Related t-shirts and art
Pocket Demon Creations Prints (various sizes of fan art), stickers, buttons, animal ear hats, animal apparel (gloves, leg warmers, etc.) (possibly), Kandi bracelets (raving bracelets), chainmail bracelets and necklaces (possibly), and sketch commissions.
Emily Zelasko Art Comics appropriate for all ages, I have drawn and or written. Water color paintings, stickers, buttons, charms and prints I have drawn or made.
Citizen Nerd We sell minimalist digital prints, felt plushies and suade dice bags from a variety of everyone’s favorite fandoms. Our items are inspired by fandoms like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Firefly, plus many more!
Faery Star Inspirations Jewelry and accessories in themes of gamer, gothic, fantasy, found object, and Steampunk. Original art cards, possibly prints. Original paintings. I’m fond of sparkly and cute-n-spooky.
Midgard Nights Wire-wrapped jewelry and accessories;
Hand-painted glass cabochon jewelry;
Wood-burned boxes, plaques, etc.;
Original/fanart in the forms of prints, stickers, and magnets
Ken Redington leather pouches, hand made books, and assorted cabochon jewlrey n/a

Fan Tables

Fan Tables are a fannish tradition of common good. If you are part of an organization that provides a charitable service or puts on fannish event and you would like to send representation to ConFusion please fill out the application below.

Costs and Provisions:

  • Fan Tables are limited to selling event registration or event specific paraphernalia.
  • Fan Tables are grated based on space availability (not all applicants will be granted space).
  • Table prices are $0. Limit 1 table (6 ft).
  • Each participant must have a badge to operate a Fan Table.
  • Pre-Registered Badges are $42. You can also earn your badge through panel participation.
  • Badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to
    at-the door prices.
  • Applications are due by September 1, 2015.


*Update September 26,2015: Thank you to everyone who filled out a Fan Table application. They are currently under review. Once decisions are made; an email will be sent to all applicants informing them of the desision and a list of the accepted dealers will be posted here. Thank you.