Online Pre-Registration

In order to attend ConFusion you must have a membership badge. Your badge is your pass into panels, the consuite, gaming room, autograph sessions, and much, much more.

Please note:

  • Pre-Registration closes on December 31,2015. No Exceptions.
  • ConFusion does not offer day badges, transfers, or refunds.

Click Here to Pre-Register –Pre-Registration is now CLOSED. On-Site Registration will open Friday afternoon of the Con in the Sheraton Lobby.

Pre-Registration Rates  

  • $42 Adult (13 & up)
  • $27 KidFusion (5-12)
  • $42 Kid Fusion with pizza party
  • Free – Kid-in-Tow (0-4)

At-The-Door Rates

  • $60 – Adult (13 & up)
  • $45 – KidFusion (5-12)
  • $60 – KidFusion with pizza party
  • Free – Kid-in-Tow (0-4)

Registration Details

Adult: An adult badge grants access to all panels, including readings and autograph sessions, as well as access to the the consuite, gaming room, and parties. (Please note: some events may have age restrictions and will require identification) If you have any questions, please email

Children at ConFusion

As a family-friendly convention, ConFusion welcomes children of all ages and strives to provide appropriate programming for all. With their membership each child is welcome to attend most events(see above exceptions), partake of the consuite, and is also privy to additional events for kids. If you have any questions please email:,, or

  • TeenFusion: ConFusion offers teen appropriate programming throughout the weekend. These events include table-top gaming, crafting & costuming, along with GoH SodaKlatches. See TeenFusion programming for more details. (Please note: TeenFusion does not serve meals and will close during meal hours)
  • KidFusion: ConFusion is proud to offer kid-centric programming. This programming takes place in its own space and is geared for kids from ages 5 to 12 (See TeenFusion for teenage programming). GoH KookieKlatches, SF/F Art Projects, and much more.  See KidFusion programming for more details. (Please note: KidFusion does not serve meals and will close during meal hours)
  • KidFusion Pizza Party: This is a wonderful event for your kids on Saturday night of ConFusion. It is Pizza/Pajama Party. It will run from 7 p.m. to midnight. It is open to all children with KidFusion/w Pizza memberships (ages 5-12). Must register via pre-reg or at the con no later than noon on Saturday.  Space is limited.
  • Kid-in-Tow: If you plan to bring young children (under 5) to ConFusion, please register them with our kid-in-tow option. There is no charge for this membership. Although ConFusion does not offer additional services for children of this age group, having a badge will help our operations and registration staff to act quickly, if the need arises.

Ribbon Orders

To order ribbons please fill out the RIBBON ORDER FORM

All ribbon orders must be placed before December 15,2015.

Only ribbon orders that have been paid for will be ordered.  Once the order form has been submitted ConFusion Registration will send you a PayPal link within 24 hours to the email address you submit on the form.

Quantity and Cost: *

Cost is $14.00 for setup and an additional .17c per ribbon, plus PayPal fees of 2.9% and $0.30.


Quantity Ribbon Cost PayPal Fee (2.9% + $0.30) Total Price
25 $18.25 $0.83 $19.08
50 $22.50 $0.95 $23.45
75 $26.75 $1.08 $27.83
100 $31.00 $1.20 $32.20
150 $39.50 $1.45 $40.95
200 $48.00 $1.69 $49.69
250 $56.50 $1.94 $58.44
300 $65.00 $2.19 $67.19
350 $73.50 $2.43 $75.93
400 $82.00 $2.68 $84.68
450 $90.50 $2.92 $93.42
500 $99.00 $3.17 $102.17