Panel DayPanel TimePanelRoomPanel DescriptionPanelist
 4:00 PMMunchkinBallroom CGo down in the dungeon. Kill everything you see. Take all the treasure. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. First one to Level 10 wins! (2 HOURS)GM- Dawn Strenzel
 5:00 PMMagic the GatheringTeenFusionCome learn the game or play with other teens. You do not need your own deck, but it is encouraged. (2 HOURS)Kevin King, Jason Palmer
 7:00 PMRoll Your Role - D&D for BeginnersTeenFusionBrian R. Bay will lead you as you create a character to use during the D&D game to be held Saturday. He will coach you on the basics of role-playing and the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Brian R. Bay, Jeannette Girard
 11:00 AMMinute to Win ItTeenFusionJoin your friends and compete for prizes in a series of 60-second challenges based on the popular NBC TV game show. Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale, Jason Palmer
 1:00 PMAfternoon BreakTeenFusionTeenFusion is closed for an hour in the afternoon. 
 4:00 PMSettlers of CatanTeenFusionCome play Settlers of Catan! More than one version will be available.Kevin King
 6:00 PMEvening BreakTeenFusionTeenFusion is closed for an hour in the evening. 
 7:00 PMD&D GameTeenFusionBrian R. Bay is the Dungeon Master of this beginner level Dungeons and Dragons game. If you were not able to roll your own character on Friday night, you can still play.Jeannette Girard, Brian R. Bay
 10:00 AMXBox GamingTeenFusionCome hang out and chill while playing various XBox Games.Richard Herrell
 12:00 PMAfternoon BreakTeenFusionTeenFusion will be closed for an hour in the afternoon. 
 1:00 PMMunchkin ManiaTeenFusionCome play Munchkin and hang out. Many versions of Munchkin will be available.Kevin King