Panel DayPanel TimePanelRoomPanel DescriptionPanelist
 5:00 PMAssistive Technology in Science Fiction SettingsPetoskeyHow is disability defined in a science fictional setting, How is assistive technology defined in science fictional settings?Michael Marcus, Daniel Dugan (M)
 8:00 PMForensics and the Science of Crime.KeweenawThe science of forensics has grown from fingerprinting to DNA Analysis. Find out how modern day Sherlock's are catching modern day Moriarty's.Diana Rowland, Julie Lesnik, Jen Haeger, Alex Kourvo
 9:00 AMKaffeeklatsch with Kentaro ToyamaClub LoungeJoin our Science Guest of Honor for coffee, tea, and conversation. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up at OPS.Kentaro Toyama
 10:00 AMArmor 102St. ClairKen Redington (AKA Thurkill L'Armerurier SCA) demonstrates materials and techniques in making your own armorKen Redington (M)
 11:00 AMThe Socioeconomic Impact of ScienceSaugatuckHow does scientific advancement impact social chance and economic advancement? Do these advancements have a real impact in communities worldwide, or only for the groups prepared for them?Andrew Zimmerman, Julie Lesnik, Kentaro Toyama, Pablo Vazquez
 12:00 PMThere's an App For That?!SaugatuckIs the ability to interact with online applications a determining factor of human productivity? What are the benefits and pitfalls of app-based interactions with the world around you?Tobias S. Buckell, Andrea Phillips, Daniel Dugan, Kentaro Toyama (M)
 1:00 PMFood Science in Science FictionLeelanauAgriculture and terraforming in extreme environments or small domes. Sustainable food production in space station environments. What's Martian taters, precious?Patrick Tomlinson, Julie Lesnik, Elizabeth Shack, Daniel Dugan (M)
 2:00 PMBALONIUMInterlochenTime to discuss the good and bad science and engineering from the previous year (or so) from TV and movies and books.David M. Stein (M), Michael Marcus, Chris Clayton, Kentaro Toyama
 3:00 PMGeek Heresy: What Technology Can’t Do for Society, and Why Some of Our Best Science Fiction Gets It WrongSaugatuckSome of the most popular science fiction imagines a future in which advanced technology eliminates hunger, illness, and ignorance. Based on a critical examination of the present, this talk reveals why even in the future, it will take a lot more than technKentaro Toyama
 3:00 PMA World Without DriversManitouWith Google Car on California roads, the autonomous vehicle is on the horizon. The panel of creatives will delve into the nuts and bolts of what this technological advancement will change about our lives and what kinds of stories could be told around it.Bradley P. Beaulieu (M), Tobias S. Buckell, Elizabeth Shack, Gordon Smith, Andrea Phillips
 4:00 PMPower Armor and Rail Guns: The Science of Future WarsLeelanauMilitary technology in science fiction settings: Who wore the powersuit better?David Klecha (M), Patrick Tomlinson, Marko Kloos, Matt Pearson
 7:00 PMResearching the Science: Where Do You Find the Science for Your Science Fiction?SaugatuckResources for finding good science. Where to go, what to look for and how to cite it.Catherine Shaffer, Kristine Smith, Lawrence Schoen, Daniel Dugan, Gordon Smith
 8:00 PMMars Rising: Lights, Panels, Action!InterlochenThe rise of Mars as a space science superstar and media darling, and the rising popularity of planetary science on social media.Jeff Beeler, Michael Marcus, Matt Pearson
 10:00 AMSingularity for the Rest of UsIsle RoyaleIs post-humanism really as straight, white, and Western as it often seems? How can science fiction talk about post-body identities without diminishing or dismissing embodied identity and experience? This panel will discuss the stories out there that complicate the uploaded experience.Wesley Chu, Jason Sanford, Tom Doyle (M), Andrea Phillips, Cameron McClure
 11:00 AMWriting About ScienceSaugatuckExamples and rationale of writing including and excluding science in your writing.Catherine Shaffer, Julie Lesnik, Jen Haeger