Panel DayPanel TimePanelRoomPanel DescriptionPanelist
 7:00 PMConcert: The Faithful SidekicksMarquetteAcoustic geek comedy band The Faithful Sidekicks has come all the way from Minnesota! Welcome them and their music to ConFusion.Eric Distad, Jen Distad
 9:00 PMTheme Circle: Songs That Make You CryMarquetteShare the songs that move you.Wyn Jones, Tom Smith
 10:00 PMOpen Music CircleMarquetteA place to share music, stories, poems, and more. 
 11:00 AMWorkshop: Celtic GuitarMarquetteFebruary Sky offers tips on Celtic guitar styles.Susan Urban, Phil Cooper
 12:00 PMBuilding a Community: What Makes Filk Filk?MarquetteFilk isn't just a type of music, it's a community with a very specific point of view. What brings us together? How can we bring in new people?Mark Bernstein, Mike Nixon, Peggi Warner-Lalonde
 1:00 PMConcert: Mike NixonMarquetteMike was going to be here last year, but life got in the way. Come hear fine singing and great guitar work from one of fandom's rockers.Mike Nixon
 2:00 PMTheme Circle: Time Travel SongsMarquette Eric Distad, Jen Distad
 4:00 PMConcert: Peggi Warner-LalondeMarquetteToronto filker Peggi joins us with a beautiful voice, bringing some of her favorite songs.Peggi Warner-Lalonde
 5:00 PMConcert: Tom SmithBallroom A&BTom brings his usual mix of humor, wit, and energy. Not to be missed!Tom Smith
 8:00 PMConcert: February SkyMarquettePartners Susan Urban and Phil Cooper, full time touring musicians from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, bring the ribald, the wacky, and the overall wonderful.Susan Urban, Phil Cooper
 9:00 PMTheme Circle: The Shallow EndMarquetteWant to sing, but have no experience in front of an audience? Been having trouble getting up the nerve? This is the room for you. A safe space for untrained voices. Come sing just for the joy of singing.Mark Bernstein, Mike Nixon
 10:00 PMOpen Music CircleMarquetteA place to share music, stories, poems, and more. 
 11:00 AMWorkshop: Fast Songs - Learning to Love the DeadlineMarquetteDeadlines: Sometimes, you can't get anything done without one. Learn about writing songs quickly, and meeting that deadline, then put it into practice by writing a song.Eric Distad, Jen Distad
 12:00 PMTheme Circle: Comedy CircleMarquetteHere's where you bring the funny! Any subject, any type of music, just as long as it made you laugh.Peggi Warner-Lalonde
 1:00 PMFarewell Open Music CircleMarquetteA place to share music, stories, poems, and more.