Panel DayPanel TimePanelRoomPanel DescriptionPanelist
 5:00 PMSo This Is Your First ConFusionSt. ClairWelcome to your first Confusion! To keep your actual confusion to a minimum, let us tell you what we're about and what we have to offer you this weekend!Jessica Zerwas, Anna Carey, David Klecha, Brigit Bradakis
 5:00 PMReacting to Fiction in PublicCharlevoixBook discussion today, predominantly online, has created a new phenomenon of public reaction. Whether it's love of a work or the opposite, this public reaction has become a performance all its own. Does this new paradigm create a culture where perspectives that deviate from those with the most social capital are no longer valid?Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Susan Dennard, Andrea Johnson (M), Amal El-Mohtar, Greg van Eekhout
 6:00 PMSFF Debates 2016!Ballroom A&BSix of your favorite SFF personalities debate the issues of our time in this live debate, moderated by Robert Jackson Bennett.Diana Rowland, John Scalzi, Wesley Chu, Delilah S. Dawson, Robert Jackson Bennett, Mark Oshiro, Brent Weeks
 6:00 PMDragon's DenInterlochenThe Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association Board wants to hear how you will help take Back to the ConFusion into the future! Small grants avalible for particularly promising ideas!Brian Decker, Amy Zrnich, John Davis, Josh Parker, Cylithria Dubois, Anna Carey, David Klecha
 7:00 PMOpening CeremoniesBallroom A&BWelcome to Back to the ConFusion! Meet our GoHs and special guests!Anna Carey, Jessica Zerwas, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Ann Leckie, Cameron McClure, Gordon Smith, Kelley Armstrong
 7:00 PMPitch Me Your ElevatorManitouThe panel, using their wit and guile, will craft elevator pitches on the spot for classic novels and films. Bonus points will be awarded for style points. Who will take home the title of Elevator Pitch Champion?Mari Brighe, Robert Jackson Bennett (M), Mur Lafferty, Pablo Vazquez, Brigid Collins
 8:00 PMDessert ReceptionConSuiteA meet and greet with our GoHs. Mix, mingle, and enjoy some sweet treats. Kentaro Toyama, Anna Carey, Jessica Zerwas, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Ann Leckie, Cameron McClure, Gordon Smith, Kelley Armstrong
 9:00 AMGeek Parent Meet-upConSuiteMeet other parents in the fandom community. Talk about the triumphs and hazards of geeky parenting. You bring the bottles, we'll provide the caffeine. 
 9:00 AMSo This Is Your First ConFusionSt. ClairWelcome to your first Confusion! To keep your actual confusion to a minimum, let us tell you what we're about and what we have to offer you this weekend!Jessica Zerwas, David Klecha, Brigit Bradakis
 11:00 AMThe Value of Fans' WorkManitouFan-fiction, fan vids, gifsets on Tumblr, fan meta: what value to fan works bring to TV and movie fandoms? How is the value of these works measured or dismissed based on gender, source material and where fanworks are posted and discussed?Cassandra Rose Clarke, Susan Dennard, Julie Winningham, V.E. Schwab
 11:00 AMCrossing the StreamsBallroom A&BWhere are the lines in genre conventions and what happens when we cross them? What needs to happen to make something a crossover vs. a fusion? Do transmedia projects and genre fluidity benefit the genre? How does crossover in media experiences and production impact the kinds of stories we see on the screen?Doselle Young, Kristine Smith, Andrea Phillips, Gordon Smith, Christian Klaver
 11:00 AMT-Shirt ModdingSt. ClairTurn your old con t-shirts into fashion statements and be the envy of all your friends.Sydnie Krause
 11:00 AMKaffeeklatsch with Jessica ZerwasClub LoungeJoin our Fan Guest of Honor for coffee, tea, and conversation. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up at OPS.Jessica Zerwas
 12:00 PMAwards: A Race to Excellence or the Bottom?KeweenawScience fiction and fantasy have more awards than Robert Heinlein had Hugo Nominations. How do these various awards fit into the narrative of the field? Do they represent what is best and brightest in the genres or are they merely a flawed snapshot of insular communities?Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Amal El-Mohtar (M), Annalee Flower Horne, Scott H. Andrews, Saladin Ahmed
 12:00 PMFandom and the 4th Wall Isle RoyaleThe internet, and specifically social media, has transformed fan and creator interaction. How has this instant interaction with creators and even actors impacted fan perceptions of media properties? What kinds of expectations has it created between fans and creators/actors? Is it necessary to the success of shows in modern genre media to have this immediate and intimate interaction?Mark Oshiro, Jeff Beeler, Steve Drew (M), Gordon Smith
 1:00 PMMark Does StuffInterlochenMark Oshiro discusses his Hugo-nominated online universe of Mark Reads and Mark Watches, and addresses the challenges and joys of experiencing fictional worlds completely unspoiled.Mark Oshiro
 1:00 PMOx MemorialManitouJoin us in remembering Michael "Ox" Klemish who passed away suddenly in 2015. Ox was a memorable fixture at ConFusion for the last several years, often to be found helping out in Ops. Come share your memories of ConFusion's own gentle giant.Anna Carey (M)
 1:00 PMInterview: Kelley ArmstrongBallroom A&BSubterranean Press Special Guest and New York Times Bestseller, Kelley Armstrong interviewed by author Courtney Allison Moulton.Courtney Allison Moulton (M), Kelley Armstrong
 2:00 PMFan GoH InductionSt. ClairFan Guest of Honour Introduction and Induction is a traditional ConFusion event, wherein any attending Fan GoHs of years past welcome the new Fan GoH to the club.Jessica Zerwas
 2:00 PMAny Similarity to Real People is Completely CoincidentalIsle RoyaleIt's easy to pretend that made up worlds shrug off the bias and stereotypes of our reality. Orcs and Elves, Drow and Ogres, and dozens of other constructs grounded in bigoted world views say different. What can we learn from these mistakes? How do we keep these stereotypes from bleeding through into our made up worlds?Steve Buchheit, Andrea Phillips, Mark Oshiro (M), Natalie Luhrs, Anna Carey
 3:00 PMFangirls Over 30CharlevoixWhile no one seems to be surprised when men are still playing video games and reading comics into their 30's, in some circles women face more pressure to give up their fannish passions now that they're "grown up." Our panelists discuss this phenomenon and how to fight it.Sal Palland, Angie Rush, Jessica Zerwas, Suzanna Grossman, Mur Lafferty
 3:00 PMSports and SFFInterlochenThe venn diagram between sports fandom and SFF fandom has more overlap than you might think. Our panelists will take about their shared loves, and how the real direction of sports evolution compares to the futuristic sports in fiction.Joel Zakem, Dave Hogg, Helen Montgomery, Jeannie Szarama
 3:00 PMGalaxy Cookie DecoratingConSuiteHands-on workshop to create fantastic galaxy designs on sugar cookies. And then eat them!Megan E. O'Keefe
 3:00 PMThe Princess ProblemPetoskeyAre princesses actually the problem? Does shaming the idea of princesses and the femininity they represent push girls out of the narrow marketing confines of the pink aisles, or does it harm them in other ways? What about girls of color who so rarely see themselves represented as princesses, or cis boys who want to be Elsa, or trans girls who want to see themselves, too? How do we combat the confining box that is "princess culture" without shaming kids who enjoy princesses and the positive traits they've come to represent?Jim C. Hines, Merrie Haskell (M), Jen Talley, Natalie Luhrs, Navah Wolfe
 4:00 PMSFF MadLibsPetoskeyAudience members contribute nouns, verbs, and adjectives to fill in the lines in SFF MadLibs written by our panelists. Hilarity ensues.Angie Rush, Andrea Johnson, Jackie Morgan, Mark Oshiro, Alex Kourvo
 4:00 PMNominating for the 2016 Hugo AwardsCharlevoixThe Puppy Wars of 2015 got a lot more people interested in nominating and voting for the Hugo Awards. The 2016 Nominating season has begun, so come share your recommendations for works and people you'd like to see as finalists on the 2016 Hugo Ballot and the 1940 Retro Hugo BallotJeff Beeler, Amal El-Mohtar, Jim Mann (M), Justin Landon, Mur Lafferty
 4:00 PMSFF At Your FingertipsKeweenawThe online world has fundamentally changed how we find, discuss, and pass on the books that mean something to us. How has unfettered access to many authors changed the discussion around their work? What about the ease of finding like minded communities that only reinforce an individual point of view?Jon Skovron, Andrew Zimmerman, Amy Sundberg, Jonah Sutton-Morse, V.E. Schwab
 4:00 PMLGBTQ* Alphabet SoupManitouAn educational take on various terms used within and around the LGBTQ* Community.  We start from the very basic and work our way up to more uncommon terms.  We give loose definitions of each term and give the audience a chance to ask questions and maybe give us some insight on terms they know as well.Cassy Sinke (M), Alison Chan
 5:00 PMWorldcons, NASFiCs and the People Who Love ThemPetoskeyDetroit hosted the NASFiC in 2014. This year's Worldcon will be just a short flight (or long drive) away in Kansas City, MO. What can you expect from a Worldcon or NASFiC and why would you want to attend one? Our panelists will talk about why they love Worldcon.Joel Zakem, Dave Hogg, Helen Montgomery (M), Michael Lee, Pablo Vazquez
 8:00 PMWould You Rather?KeweenawHosted by fantasy author Sam Sykes, the contestants will play a science fiction and fantasy inspired game of "Would you rather?" Expect shenanigans, adult language, and laughs.Brian McClellan, Sam Sykes (M), Cherie Priest, Greg van Eekhout, V.E. Schwab
 8:00 PMBeer Lovers Meet UpConSuiteBring a bottle of your favorite or unusual brew to share with fellow beer lovers in this casual meetup in the consuite.Joel Zakem, Michael J. DeLuca, Scott H. Andrews, Jim Mann
 10:00 PMMark Reads Stuff - Late NightManitouSpecial Adult-Only edition of Mark. Reading things. Things you will never forget. And that will make you laugh and laugh. And maybe cry.Mark Oshiro
 10:00 AMFanwriting in the 21st CenturyInterlochenBefore there were SF conventions, there were fanzines. Fanzines are still around (one of our panelists won a Hugo for hers) but now there are blogs and podcasts and fanfic too. Our panelists talk about what fanwriting is and why it's as important as ever in the 21st century.Pablo Vazquez, Jenny Thurman, Jim C. Hines, Helen Montgomery, Mark Oshiro
 11:00 AMIf I Ran the Zoo... ConLeelanauThis classic conrunning "make your own adventure" game has been newly updated and re-released. Bid for, plan and run your Worldcon, all in two hours. (2 HOURS)Tammy Coxen, Jeff Beeler, Helen Montgomery, Michael Lee
 11:00 AMGrowing Up FannishKeweenaw Jessica Zerwas, Sydnie Krause
 11:00 AMFantasy Fantasy: Live DraftManitouFantasy sports has become an international phenomenon. It's time for the ultimate conclusion: Fantasy Fantasy. Come watch the panelists conduct a live draft of their Adventuring Party from a pool of the most famous characters in genre history. The winner will be selected by the audience and then showered with confetti.Tom Doyle, Douglas Hulick, Kristine Smith, Michael R. Underwood, Steve Drew (M), Cherie Priest
 1:00 PMBurn the Man!CharlevoixSince there isn't a convention every weekend, sometimes SF fans need other things to do. Attendees of Burning Man or the local burn, Lakes of Fire, will share stories and tell you what to expect and how to prepare.Michael McAtee, Catherine Shaffer, Jessica Zerwas, Kevin Nickerson
 1:00 PMPenguicon ConCom MeetingSt. ClairJoin the organizers of tech/sf con Penguicon as they ramp up for their April event with their Con Committee meeting, open to all!Penguicon ConCom
 1:00 PMA Blogger's ConundrumIsle RoyaleTen years ago, blog became a predominant form of online communication, with energetic comment sections and regular, if sometimes half cocked, updates. Today, many blogs have shuttered and conversations have shifted to social media, while blog writing has become increasingly professionalized. Discuss how the science fiction and fantasy book blog remains relevant and what it might look like in the future.Andrea Johnson, Jackie Morgan, Dave Robison, Alex Kourvo, Justin Landon
 1:00 PMFragmented FandomsKeweenawBefore 1990, computer geeks tended to be the fans online, and fandom tended to be a little more fragmented (fanzine fans/con fans/gamers/readers). Now that almost every fan has an online presence, are we more fragmented or less?Joel Zakem, Steve Drew, Michael Damian Thomas, Michael Lee, Pablo Vazquez
 2:00 PMMoar Cons Please!InterlochenLooking to add more congoing to your life? Our panelists discuss their favorite cons within a day's drive of Michigan.Jeff Beeler, Matt Feazell, Daniel Dugan, Helen Montgomery (M), Michael Lee, Sal Palland
 3:00 PMClosing CeremoniesBallroom A&BTime to bid another ConFusion good-bye. Join us to wrap up an amazing weekend.Anna Carey, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Jessica Zerwas, Ann Leckie, Kelley Armstrong
 4:00 PMFeedback SessionBallroom A&BHow did we do? Let it all hang out - Praise, Criticism, any and all comments welcome. Nay - encouraged.Anna Carey, David Klecha, Cylithria Dubois, Brian Decker, Ryan Carey, John Davis, Allison Anderson