Panel DayPanel TimePanelRoomPanel DescriptionPanelist
 8:00 PMRewind, Reboot, RecyclePetoskeyWe're once again in the midst of massive reboots (and the fallout from them) in both the DC and Marvel universes. Do reboots actually bring in and retain new readers? Do they energize or enrage existing fans? Do diversity measures in DC and Marvel universes just get washed away in these massive continuity reboots? Are there better ways for comics to reach out and make themselves more accessible to the wider genre audiences?Michael Marcus, Suzanna Grossman, Michael Lee, Miriam Weinberg
 10:00 AMAcceptable Bodies in ComicsInterlochenBody shape and type are always contentious topics. In comics, discussions about them are primarily related to gender and sexualized presentations vs. power fantasy, but comics are also known for a reliance on using disabled, fat, queer, trans bodies as a shorthand negative character traits. How does this impact the oft-stated need to increase readership? And what are some positive representations of diverse body types in comics?Cassy Sinke, Bill Messner-Loebs, Kimchi Zerbe
 2:00 PMComics for Kids & TeensLeelanauWhat's out there for younger kids and teens these days?Jackie Morgan (M), Jen Talley, Coral Bogdan
 9:00 PMReadings from Queer Comics.SaugatuckQueer Comics have grown from the graphic imaginings of a scant handful of "out" artists in the 70s to an entire community of queer cartoonists today. Join in for PowerPoint adaptations of classic LGBT cartoon stories. Adults only!Kurt Erichsen (M), Sean Martin