Panel DayPanel TimePanelRoomPanel DescriptionPanelist
Friday None   
 10:00 AMThe Business of Art and the Business of CraftSaugatuckArtists and craftsmen talk about finding outlets for selling their wares - stores, online, fairs, cons. How do you become known and develop a following?Matt Feazell, Jen Talley, Megan E. O'Keefe, Michael Kucharski (M)
 12:00 PMIron ArtistVogon Poetry LoungeDrawing/sculpture isn’t usually a performance art, but Iron Artists show how they work while creating prepare a piece of art (or craft) on the assigned topic. (3 HOURS)Bill Messner-Loebs, John Benson, Ken Redington, Michael Kucharski, Sean Martin, Suzanna Grossman, Emily Zelasko
 1:00 PMFrankenstuffiesSt. ClairIn this hands-on workshop you'll take apart old stuffed animals and create new, freakier ones.Jessica Zerwas, Suzette Mariotti (M), Julie Ferrell, Kate Bell
 5:00 PMWhose Cartoon Is It Anyway?LeelanauA cartoonist face-off — the audience gives the panel of cartoonists a situation to draw. Cartoonist #1 draws half of it - Cartoonist #2 finishes it and a punch line!David M. Stein (M), Matt Feazell, Bill Messner-Loebs, Michael Kucharski, John Benson. Emily Zelasko
 6:00 PMCover Art: The Good, the Bad, and the WTFManitouNo genre places more emphasis on stunning cover art than science fiction and fantasy. It often goes right, but not always. With powerful visual projection, the panelists will observe a series of good, bad, and WTF covers from science fiction and fantasy, provide commentary, both in praise and... not.Jim C. Hines, Susan Dennard, Wesley Chu, Justin Landon (M), Megan E. O'Keefe
 10:00 AMLife DrawingSt. ClairJoin Mike Kucharski in drawing a live (clothed) model. Sharpen your skills in figure drawing, including costumes and props. Note: attendees will need to bring their own drawing materials.Anastasia Lewgowsky, Michael Kucharski (M)